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WOW, Have Things Changed!

October 4, 2009

I just can’t get over the prices for sks’s and other military surplus rifles lately. I remember back in the 90’s spending hours cruisin’ up and down the aisles at gun shows checking out all the ak’s and sks’s for sale. Comparing prices, seeing who was practically giving them away and who was trying to catch a sucker. Chinese sks’s could be had for a little over a hundred bucks and mac 90’s  were around two-hundred. I remember not wanting to spend a lot 🙂 for the mac 90, so I opted for a sks sporter D with the thumbhole stock and detachable ak mag. I got it for $149 and spent the left over money buying accessories and ammo. Chinese steel core was going for about 2$ a box. Those were the days! Tokarev pistols were going for 120$, and I bought a brand new IJ-70 Russian Makorov pistol for 129$. I doubt we will see those days again, so I’m glad I got to participate back then. The last time I looked, a Russian sks on Gun Broker was goin’ for 550$ gun-show Have fun.


Send Pics Of Your Fireams

October 1, 2009

I ‘ve always wanted a pics page of your favorite sks rifles and other cool rifles. If you start e-mailing me some jpgs, I will start posting them. Send also a brief description and I will make a pic post out of it. Send to