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Range Report:Finally

October 23, 2009

target I finally went to the shooting range, to sight in my M-44 with my  new red dot sight. I had also added a nice custom- look recoil pad. The setup looks great, but does it really do the job or not, was the question. The first time I took the rifle out to the range was right after I bought it. I had cleaned up the stock a little, but that was about it. Shooting this rifle at the range was not very pleasant, as it had the original metal butt plate. Firing it was very hard on my shoulder, and each round needed a mallet to open the bolt. Kinda thought I had made a bad purchase. The bullets hit the 25 yd. target way high to the left. I guess I needed the bayonet extended, but just didn’t want to draw too many stares from other shooters. Anyway I lasted about 5 shots. With a slight headache and bruised shoulder I packed up and went home.

After a  thorough cleaning, including using a 20gauge wire brush to clean and  polish the chamber, I decided to add a red dot sight which replaces the elevation sight, to give it a scoutish look. To help in the heavy recoil, I added a rubber butt pad.  With these in place the rifle sat in the gun cabinet for several months.  Then I finally decided to go to the range, to see if these add-ons made any difference. I brought with me some Silver Bear 203g soft point ammo. I was a little recoil shy as I chambered the first round. I planted the stock firmly in my shoulder, aimed at the center of the target and pulled the trigger. WOW. Recoil felt, was very acceptable. About like my dad’s 30-06 Remington Woodsmaster. Ok, now for opening the chamber and putting in another round. To my surprise, the casing extracted easily and another round chambered with minimal effort. So far, so good. The shot landed about the same place as the first time I shot this rifle, but this time I knew I could adjust it, with the new scope. I fired a few more times just to get used to the recoil  and make sure the action worked fine. Then I adjusted the scope and tried some more rounds. They got closer to the center of the target, but didn’t group that tightly. I fired 15 rounds in all with the M-44 and that was about enough to start feeling it in the shoulder. I didn’t bring any more 7.52×54 than the 15 rounds, so the shooting of that rifle was over. I was pleased with how the rifle felt holding it. Adding a couple inches in length with the new butt pad, gave it a better feel overall. I was worried about the inexpensive sight coming loose, but it seemed to survive the 15 rounds ok. I think with a little more steadiness in the shot and a little more tweaking of the scope, I think I will be in the black, and have tighter groups. Also I want to try different ammo to see if that helps the grouping any. Oh by the way, the other shots were from my sks sporter-D and the real tight group was from my Saiga .308!


New Addition To The M-44

June 8, 2009

PICT0827I recently added a red dot site/scope to my m-44. I also added a recoil pad to the stock. I posted a pic with this set up to see what you all think about it. I haven’t sited it in and haven’t even been to the range yet. I want to make this a close, out to maybe 75yd.  hog and deer rifle. I may be going soon to the range, and when I do I will post a range report on this setup.

It’s That Time Of Year Again

September 25, 2008

            With a couple of cooler nights in Florida, you kinda get a feeling that fall is actually here. But usually you won’t feel it until a major cold front sweeps the state, plunging us into the 40’s or 50’s. Hey, that’s cold when you have been sweltering in the mid 90’s all summer and the nights are in the low 80’s with 100% humidity making it hard to breathe. The itch for hunting is starting, and we can’t wait to scratch it. November is the deer season start, but hogs are fair game all year long. It’s just plain too hot now to think about it, but when the coolness sets in, it’s time to go. I just took out my 30-30 and cleaned her up. I think the scope is still “right on” so I won’t be going to the range. So with  my camo and a box of  150 grain softpoint, I’m on my way. I think the 30-30 is the absolute perfect rifle for a Florida hog. Great for any hog from 60-70lbs on up to about 200. I like them around 100lbs. Easier to drag out of the woods than big ones, easier to clean, and taste a whole lot better. Come on cold fronts!

My Chinese Type 56 with Proper Sling

July 17, 2008
My Type 56
My Type 56

      I wanted this posted with the proper sling. I was waiting to get a new leather connector for it as the other one was tearing. This is a Chinese Norinco Type 56 with a properly mounted scope. Notice the mount is drilled and tapped into the receiver. I think this is really the only way to maintain zero. Also I have added a fixed 5 round hunting mag. Not the detachable one that seems to never work right. That is also some Norinco ammo in the stripper clip. The barrel is painted and stock refinished. A quick job on a $100.00 rifle.

How Fun Is Shooting A .22

May 21, 2008

         Out of all the rifles and pistols I’ve shot, I have a favorite. I enjoy shooting my .22 caliber rifle the most. I love my Ruger 10/22, and I love plinking at the range or woods with it. Its light, no recoil and cheap as hell to shoot a few hundred rounds at a time. Plus at 50 to 100 yards its easy to hit your target. Usually you can spot a can or bottle way off and with a scope, just tear it up. So much fun. Reminds me as a kid when you had your first BB gun. A .22 revolver was the first real gun I ever shot. Fond memories and lots of fun.

My Saiga .308

May 3, 2008

              I finally got some more time to post these pics of my Russian Saiga .308. It came with a PS1 military sniper scope, which has a lighted reticle and range finder. It definitely fills my need for a semi-auto ak type action in .308.

Russian Shotguns

February 25, 2008

russianshotguns.jpg       I have two Russian shotguns. One is 12 gauge and the other is .410. I bought these at Sports Authority several years ago. I have only shot the 12 gauge once and it nearly took my shoulder off. I fired it with a magnum buckshot, and even with the added recoil pad, the kick was awful. They actually sell these still at gun-shops around the country as an import for Remington under the Spartan name. They are very heavy duty with a chromed lined barrel. Mine are full choke, so I can’t shoot slugs out of them. They are single shot and don’t even have auto ejectors. I really want to take out the .410 someday and hunt a rabbit or two, or maybe some squirrels. Just a thought I guess.