New Addition To The M-44

PICT0827I recently added a red dot site/scope to my m-44. I also added a recoil pad to the stock. I posted a pic with this set up to see what you all think about it. I haven’t sited it in and haven’t even been to the range yet. I want to make this a close, out to maybe 75yd.  hog and deer rifle. I may be going soon to the range, and when I do I will post a range report on this setup.

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10 Comments on “New Addition To The M-44”

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  2. alex. Says:

    Cool! I have a M-38 and it is a great little, but hard hitting, carbine. I may have to put a modern sight on it. Funny, but people don’t snort when a red dot or laser is mounted on a double action revolver, though that technology is contemporaneous to that of the Mosin. Wonder why that is.

  3. I like the sight you put on that. I’m a big fan of a “scout” setup because there’s no issues with eye relief and you can quickly shoulder it with fast target acquisition.

    Is that a Limbsaver recoil pad? Looks good on it. Nice wood as well. 🙂

  4. bibic682 Says:

    It is a pad made for the m-44 stock. I can’t recall the brand. But a lot of sites sell it. It seems to be very good quality and fits well. It replaces the metal butt plate. Cost was around $12.00.

  5. Bill Brasky Says:

    Which brand of scout mount did you use? I’ve been looking into doing this, but do not want to spent $75 for the mount.

  6. bibic682 Says:

    My package doesn’t show a brand of mount. It is pretty common on the net. It replaces the sight elevation piece. It costs around $12. Very easy to install. It seems to very stable, but I have not tested it out at the range yet.

  7. TJ Says:

    Good luck with the mount. Thats a lot of recoil is that the only attachment point. I take it you just removed the rear sights and used the pins to fit in the mount?

  8. bibic682 Says:

    It seems pretty stable , but I haven’t field tested it yet.

  9. Gun Porn Says:

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