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Check Online Before You Buy

May 30, 2009

It amazes me, how some gun stores charge the prices they do. I always try to stop in an area gunshop when I am in the neighborhood. I check out there firearm prices and look at the prices and availability of their ammo. Some ammo is three times what you can buy it online for, and that’s with shipping . Firearm prices are easily 50-70% over what a purchase online will bring. Look at the different dealers online and check various online ammo stores. I won’t plug any in particular, because there are so many  out there, not to mention the online auction sites. I have saved soooo much  buying online. Of course buying a firearm involves getting an FFL dealer involved, but they will usually be very fair on a fee for that. Now in defense of the local shop, they do have real overhead to maintain, employees to pay, but so does the online guys. About the only advantage,  is you get what you want quicker.