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The Time Has Come !

March 29, 2009
Always Be Ready

Always Be Ready

With the current state of the economy, and the ridiculous situations the new Administration have put us in, the survival mode in me has me getting my  ammo and gun supplies in swift order. First, finding the ammo you want is getting very hard, if not impossible. And buying a reasonable priced firearm is getting to be a thing of the past. I have already got my 7.62×39 supply where I want it, and also my 7.62x54R. Calibers in .223 and .308 are getting real scarce, and your usually available stock at places like Wal-Mart are simply drying up! New anti-gun legislation IS being proposed, as well as bringing back the “assault rifle” ban. When it’s all said and done, owning a few military surplus rifles might be  what the Dr. ordered. Get the ammo you need for them soon, and keep the rifles in tip-top shape. Buy your accessories now, if you need them. I think I am going to get another Mosin-Nagant rifle. Not sure if it will be a 91/30 model or another M44. I think if I had to take that in the woods, it would serve as a fine enough rifle to put some meat on the table.  I think ammo soon will be taxed so high, that it will be nearly impossible for the average person to buy it. And importation of lesser expensive surplus ammo, will probably be banned too. Part of the administration’s plan I’m sure. I don’t think I’m an alarmist, just precautionary. Things are adding up in a very funny way out there. Keep scouring the net, and if you find it, GET IT ! Be the one prepared, not the one who is sorry he isn’t.