It’s That Time Of Year Again

            With a couple of cooler nights in Florida, you kinda get a feeling that fall is actually here. But usually you won’t feel it until a major cold front sweeps the state, plunging us into the 40’s or 50’s. Hey, that’s cold when you have been sweltering in the mid 90’s all summer and the nights are in the low 80’s with 100% humidity making it hard to breathe. The itch for hunting is starting, and we can’t wait to scratch it. November is the deer season start, but hogs are fair game all year long. It’s just plain too hot now to think about it, but when the coolness sets in, it’s time to go. I just took out my 30-30 and cleaned her up. I think the scope is still “right on” so I won’t be going to the range. So with  my camo and a box of  150 grain softpoint, I’m on my way. I think the 30-30 is the absolute perfect rifle for a Florida hog. Great for any hog from 60-70lbs on up to about 200. I like them around 100lbs. Easier to drag out of the woods than big ones, easier to clean, and taste a whole lot better. Come on cold fronts!

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