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Traded SKS For Ammo

August 21, 2008

                I had a hard decision to make. I traded my Chinese Sks for ammo. That was my first rifle I ever purchased and I have fond memories of it at the range and in the woods. But I just know with ammo prices and availability, I needed to make a “management decision”. I got plenty of .223 and some odd amounts of .308, 9mm, and even a box of 30-30. I just think a little ammo ahead is the thing to have. You can’t shoot your gun without ammo. It could become impossible to buy surplus, and regular ammo could get extremely expensive,  if it’s available. I still have my favorite rifles and will most likely hang on to those. But who knows. Also, ammo could become a hot commodity. When a hurricane is out there, its nice to have plenty of food and water, and a full tank of gas.