How Fun Is Shooting A .22

         Out of all the rifles and pistols I’ve shot, I have a favorite. I enjoy shooting my .22 caliber rifle the most. I love my Ruger 10/22, and I love plinking at the range or woods with it. Its light, no recoil and cheap as hell to shoot a few hundred rounds at a time. Plus at 50 to 100 yards its easy to hit your target. Usually you can spot a can or bottle way off and with a scope, just tear it up. So much fun. Reminds me as a kid when you had your first BB gun. A .22 revolver was the first real gun I ever shot. Fond memories and lots of fun.

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2 Comments on “How Fun Is Shooting A .22”

  1. Victor Says:


    I would like to buy a ruger 10/22 what model do you

    recomed to get?


    • bibic682 Says:

      Actually, I like the basic model. The one in the picture has a stock I bought at a gun show. I added a different clip release to make it easier to change out the clip. I also added an inexpensive scope.

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