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How Fun Is Shooting A .22

May 21, 2008

         Out of all the rifles and pistols I’ve shot, I have a favorite. I enjoy shooting my .22 caliber rifle the most. I love my Ruger 10/22, and I love plinking at the range or woods with it. Its light, no recoil and cheap as hell to shoot a few hundred rounds at a time. Plus at 50 to 100 yards its easy to hit your target. Usually you can spot a can or bottle way off and with a scope, just tear it up. So much fun. Reminds me as a kid when you had your first BB gun. A .22 revolver was the first real gun I ever shot. Fond memories and lots of fun.


My Saiga .308

May 3, 2008

              I finally got some more time to post these pics of my Russian Saiga .308. It came with a PS1 military sniper scope, which has a lighted reticle and range finder. It definitely fills my need for a semi-auto ak type action in .308.

An Ar-15 In The Future?

May 3, 2008

          I’m actually contemplating  an Ar-15 type rifle, to add to my small collection. Money being tighter these days, I would even consider a trade for one. My problem is there are so many makers and configurations of such rifles, that I don’t know where to begin. It won’t get much use, I won’t be adding too many accessories, and I definitely won’t need a match grade barrel or anything else to jack up the price. Maybe down the road a collapsible stock. I just think I need a basic plinker type. Short and lightweight. And with the classic carry type handle. I don’t think I want to try to build one myself, although the thought of that sounds interesting. But I just think there would be an extra cost for tools that I don’t have and don’t really know anyone that does. I guess even the least expensive plinkers out there would be ok, and parts should be readily available. Maybe I just want one because they seem so American, I’m not sure. Maybe I want it because when I go to the range, I see so many there. Maybe I want one because they look so cool. I guess if I keep wanting it, I will eventually get one. But,  maybe this want will pass, because I really don’t need it.