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Russian Shotguns

February 25, 2008

russianshotguns.jpg       I have two Russian shotguns. One is 12 gauge and the other is .410. I bought these at Sports Authority several years ago. I have only shot the 12 gauge once and it nearly took my shoulder off. I fired it with a magnum buckshot, and even with the added recoil pad, the kick was awful. They actually sell these still at gun-shops around the country as an import for Remington under the Spartan name. They are very heavy duty with a chromed lined barrel. Mine are full choke, so I can’t shoot slugs out of them. They are single shot and don’t even have auto ejectors. I really want to take out the .410 someday and hunt a rabbit or two, or maybe some squirrels. Just a thought I guess.


Where’s All The Ammo

February 11, 2008

             I know there is a war going on. But there’s always a war going on somewhere. My question is where is all the ammo. All the cheaper surplus ammo, and what is out there, is ridiculously expensive. Even at 4$ a box 7.62×39 is not acceptable. I know .223 has historically been more expensive than 7.62×39, but at 10$ a box, that constitutes highway robbery. Just google all the ammo sales out there, and you will find unheard of prices for your usual military calibers. Then when you find some,  they are usually out of stock. I haven’t talked to anyone on why this is so out of control. All  I’ve read about,  it is do to the war. I guess gas prices are up because of the war too. Not sure what to think about this. It is easy to see a scam here. But what do I know?