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A Sweet .223

January 30, 2008

Deawoo DR200                There comes a time in your gun collection, that you have to brag for a moment on one of your particular firearms. Mine happens to be the Daewoo DR200. It reminds me of my brother-in-laws  Colt ar-15 sporter . It shoots the  same round and even takes the same magazine. Prices as they are, I don’t see myself at the range with one anytime soon.  The DR200 is very accurate, but I have only shot it at 50 yard targets. You can touch bullet holes all day long. It is easy to clean and just plain looks good too. And don’t mind the thumbhole stock, it’s very comfortable. I have heard parts are hard to find, but I shoot mine so rarely that I don’t anticipate the need to start searching for some anytime soon. 

               There are things you can do to trick one of these bad boys out, and I would love to see some pics of some of these. I don’t run across these very often.


A Few Of My Handguns

January 26, 2008

               I wanted to put up a few pics of some handguns, so I grabbed these out of the gun cabinet and snapped a pic of them. The first is a Chinese Tokarev in 7.62×25 caliber. It’s a potent little round with about the same ballistics as the 357 magnum. What’s cool is it creates a huge fireball when fired. It snaps in your hands quite a bit when firing too. 

               The next is a brushed chrome Tokarev in 9mm. I had to take it to a gunsmith to get it chromed. I don’t believe any were imported that way. Very fun to shoot.

                And the last, but not least is the Russian Makarov. It shoots the 9×18 cartridge, which is in between the .380 and 9mm. It has some aftermarket grips on it and feels very good in the hands when shooting.          

Range Price Increases

January 24, 2008

      I had a real rude awakening the last time I went to shoot at the range. It used to cost me 4 0r 5 bucks including the target. Now they want almost 12. For the few times I go each year, doesn’t seem like much, but over double the price seemed a little steep. I don’t know if that is what is happening around the country, but here in Florida everything is jumping way up. For those lucky enough to have your own backyard or property to shoot on, more power to ya! With ammo going through the roof and gas prices sky high, it is actually getting kinda expensive to make it a full day at the range shooting various guns.

My Chinese Sks

January 13, 2008

chinese1.jpgI was a little apprehensive in posting this picture. I don’t have my Chinese sks with the right sling I want, and my refinish on the stock is so-so. But anyway it has the correctly mounted scope. It is drilled and tapped into the receiver and the mount comes up and over the receiver cover. You can still use your iron sites if need be. It’s a 4×28 Redstar Chinese scope, and has kept zero so far. My first hunting trip for wild pigs down here in Florida was with this set-up and I was using 139gr Russian hollow-point ammo to take my first one. It was about 60 to 70 ydrs out. I don’t have any pictures of that one.

Laminated m44

January 8, 2008

Laminated m-44    I just had to post again, so I took a pic of my latest m44. This was stamped 1944 and has a laminated stock. Notice I added the red dot scout type scope. I like the configuration, and I’m anxious to take it to the range. When that happens , I will post a range report.

Refinishing sks rifle stock

January 1, 2008

      I am in the middle of refinishing my chinese sks stock. I’m doing a quick job with a spray urethane. I’m kinda happy with it so far. But we will see when it’s finished. I’ll post a picture of it , when its done. And I hope you all will have a great New Year.

Updating This Blog

January 1, 2008

I’ve started adding a few things to this blog. I will keep adding on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions on what to add, please give me your suggestions. I want to post submitted pics, but not quite sure how yet. But I will figure this out.