SKS’s and More…

          Myname is Brian, and this blog will be about, but not limited to the SKS rifle. All military  rifles are fair game for this blog, as well anything else pertaining to firearms.

          My first firearm I ever purchased was a Chinese, new in the box norinco sks. I couldn’t wait to tear it down and clean all the cosmoline out of it. I had a crash course in dis-assembly and reassembly. Then it was off to the range. WOW a whole lotta fun, and for a lot less money. Back in the day(mid 90’s), you could buy a brand new norinco for around a 100 bucks and a 1000 round case of ammo for about $70. Throw in a handful of stripper clips and you were set. I was hooked on these rifles for life.

           I have since then acquired a few more of these fun little carbines and would like share my experiences with them . I have also  became quite enamored with the M44  mosin/nagant rifles. I now have two and plan on acquiring more.

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